Managed Print

Does your company have a print strategy? Managed Print Services (MPS) simplifies complex output environments and cuts costs on printing for all kinds of organizations.

Our MPS teams create print strategy packages that are tailored to your needs and can help your business reach critical goals.

Our Managed Print strategy will provide the following services for you:

  • Assess the current-state costs and workflows and provide device maps to draw attention to unnecessary costs.
  • Remove underused devices and consolidate output among fewer centralized systems.
  • Establish rules-based printing to reduce waste.
  • Track output activity across the organization so you pay only for the actual page count, thus helping you save on your monthly charge.
  • Add solutions that use materials resourcefully, control environment regulated substances, and maintain air quality to promote sustainability.
  • Analyze print volumes and workflow via remote monitoring and management to align the capacity of the organization with the actual print volume.
  • Supply you with devices that ensure secure printing, file encryption, removable hard drives and other techniques to give you improved security.

Return On Assets Print Management

To simplify the administration of devices in the office, ROA is proud to offer customers our Return On Assets Print Management (ROAPM) program. ROAPM is our secure service designed to increase productivity by utilizing remote monitoring to track your fleet’s health.

Minimize Manual Tasks

  • Eliminate the hassle of checking and reporting your meters/counters by automating your meter readings and supply fulfillment.
  • Automated forwarding of self-diagnostic device data, our health checks, enables us to make a response in the event of a breakdown, simplifying the process of arranging a repair.

Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs

  • Receive detailed reports of usage information to ensure your devices are being used in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Automated forwarding can prevent breakdowns entirely, resulting in minimal downtime for you and your office.

All communications between your devices and our data center pass through a security network and are given an added level of data encryption (SSL). Security is our top priority, so confirmation that the communications are between valid sources take place at regular intervals.