Why PDF Compatibility Is Important When Choosing Document Management Software

Implementing a document management solution that allows you to work with fully digitized documents can make things easier for both the business and its individual users. But not all document management systems work the same. Some systems are designed better — and we’re talking about systems with built in PDF compatibility. PDF compatibility is important because it allows you to read, scan, comment and edit PDF files, regardless of their version.

But why is PDF compatibility important when you are choosing a document management system for your business?

1. PDF documents are more secure.

PDF documents have built in encryption features that can restrict access, modification, and even printing. They work like Word files, but better, in the sense that PDF files behave like image files whose content cannot be altered or modified easily. So generally, PDF files are more globally accepted — from billing statements to company operational manuals to employment contracts.

2. PDF has become the de-facto format for archiving.

PDF has become the de-facto format for archiving documents. Archiving is a crucial step in information asset management which enables businesses to exert control over their data. As an institution grows, it will create more data, which needs to be utilized, managed, and monitored meticulously. Using a solid information asset strategy, businesses can easily figure out the loopholes in their processes, helping them find opportunities for process improvement.

3. PDF makes it easier to search for tags.

Depending on your document management software, it can enable users to search for tags and assign keywords to PDF files. This makes it easier to search for a particular file when the need arises.

4. PDF enables previews and thumbnails.

PDF files behave like image files, making the thumbnail icon of any PDF file viewable as the actual image written on the PDF file. This feature is called thumbnailing, which makes it easier for users to confirm if it’s the right file they are looking for.

Digitize Your Document Management System

Companies and organizations must accelerate their digital transformation efforts—and that includes levelling up their document management solutions. Small and medium businesses as well as global enterprises must keep their documents in a central and secure location that is easily accessible. With a central repository, organizations can ensure that they have the most up-to-date version of the documents they need. Office automation helps improve the way businesses and organizations manage files, folders, and email attachments, including PDFs. It eliminates the need to search through files, folders, and email attachments.

The document management system you choose should have built in compatibility with PDF files. It should allow users to print any version of PDF content, convert documents to PDF, and allow document scanning directly to PDF.

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