On the Rise: Document Management in the Cloud

Organizations are always on the lookout for solutions that will make their business processes more efficient. It’s no surprise that getting office networks off the ground and in the cloud is now the new normal.

What is Document Management?

Document Management is the answer to the typical organization’s problem of organizing and storing their paper documents. It is designed to track, store, manage and control the flow of documents and files. But it’s nothing new. For many years now, many organizations have already been using document management solutions. But before, the only option was to acquire server hardware along with software licenses to run the document management platform and that’s quite expensive. Nowadays, organizations can now use cloud-based platforms that are more affordable and flexible.

Many cloud storage providers are offering software-as-a-service platforms with affordable pricing structures. Subscribers only pay a monthly fee based on the pricing structure they choose, and it includes leasing the application, data storage space, and even backup and support. It is more economical than owning and maintaining hardware and software on-premise.

Document Management: In or Out of the Cloud?

Those who haven’t jumped on the cloud bandwagon might be wondering, what’s in it for me? The following are some of the advantages of leveraging the cloud for document management:

1. Convenient online document access, anytime and anywhere.

Cloud access will make your workforce productive – there’s no need to leave their work area to retrieve a document, they can do that anytime on their seat using their laptop. Likewise, if you have multiple office locations, your workforce can share data from a single repository rather than from separate, unrelated systems and folders. Your tech-savvy worker will thank you for it.

2. No more servers to own and maintain.

Leveraging cloud solutions free you from the initial costs of buying dedicated hardware and software as well as the unpredictable costs of ownership. No more extra IT personnel to maintain a server and troubleshoot if it goes down. Moreover, they can dedicate their time to other important tasks.

3. Promise of greater reliability.

Cloud vendors boast of delivering 99.97% of uptime. This is because they use massive state-of-the-art servers in addition to using reserve systems for backup. This means an uninterrupted business workflow for your organization.

4. Improved protection against data loss.

Physical devices such as laptops, hard drives, and servers can be lost, fail or crash. Cloud storage protects your organization against accidents that can happen to these physical devices because cloud vendors perform regular backups of their cloud content.

5. Scalability for future requirements

If your organization ever needs more storage capacity, you only have to pay for the added storage. Likewise, if work is cut back and only a few workers need to use the cloud, your organization can request for lower storage capacity and that means the monthly fee also goes down.

Leveraging document management solutions in the cloud is a must if you want to keep your content organized and accessible anytime and anywhere. Rabbit Office Automation (ROA) offers a document management solution using MaxxVault Enterprise Document Management. It can offer you all the above benefits and more. Additionally, for those organizations that have yet to digitize their paper documents, ROA offers Xerox printers that are capable of converting paper documents into digital form so organizations can upload it to their cloud storage. Talk to our experts today to know your best options.