Printed Insurance Marketing Collaterals Still Have a Place In Today’s Digital World

There’s no doubt that digital is today’s go to marketing medium. More and more insurance agencies are leveraging digital content marketing to develop a distinct brand identity that can be used to capture a larger share of the market. But while most of today’s content has shifted to digital channels, there is still a need for good old printed marketing collateral. Here’s why:

Printed marketing collaterals are tangible

While seeing a brochure on screen is great, it doesn’t give the same tactile fulfillment as holding the very same brochure in your hand. So it’s important to use captivating images and clear, concise, and compelling copy to entice your target customer.

Printed marketing collaterals build and strengthen relationships

Producing a high-quality brochure can make a significant impact on your customer. It demonstrates that you have gone out of your way to spend time and money on something that you plan to hand out for free. Also, nothing beats having an engaging face-to-face conversation with a customer or prospect and then giving them something memorable to review on their own time.

Printed marketing collaterals complement your digital marketing efforts

Digital content such as blog articles, infographics, and case studies can be repackaged into print form so you can gain extra visibility. It serves as an extension of your website and social media presence.

Printed marketing collaterals influence buying decisions

An eye-catching, well-designed brochure can make a powerful impression. When buying a product or subscribing to a service, customers want to be assured that they’re making the right decision. Utilizing testimonials and images of successful use cases can be used to drive your message home. It’s an effective mechanism for carrying your brand and shows that your company is established and reputable. More than half (61%) of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and it makes them more likely to buy.

The effective use of content marketing – digital or print – will give you improved customer retention and increased word of mouth referrals. Produce memorable and tangible marketing collaterals that will stand out to your target customers.

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