Making Do With Limited Funds: Choosing the Right Printer for NPOs

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are known for their tireless efforts in implementing projects that cater to the needs of underserved sectors. Having a mission is the critical ingredient that makes NPOs different from other organizations that mainly exist to “sell something”.

Managing their funds well is of critical importance even for NPOs, who usually have a lot on their plate – from changing regulations to increased competition for donors and volunteers. And generating additional funds without selling a product or service can lead to serious budget problems. One study says that 46% of nonprofits can’t get the funding they need to support their staff in carrying out their mission.

One way of attracting donors and supporters to donate to their cause is to leverage content marketing. NPOs are well-known for using print materials, brochures and direct mail campaigns to bring together supporters and donations. The problem is, many NPOs have print environments that are poorly managed. They often have older printers which may not be operating at full capacity and this frequently leads to printer downtime and expensive service calls. NPOs need to find a solution to their printing challenges and budget constraints.

Managed Print Services is an effective solution for managing limited funds and tackling your printing challenges.

Rabbit Office Automation offers Managed Print Services that can help NPOs:

  • Assess their current-state costs and workflows and provide device maps to draw attention to unnecessary costs
  • Remove underused devices and consolidate output among fewer centralized systems
  • Ensure security through devices that offer file encryption, removable hard drives and other techniques
  • Establish rules-based printing to reduce waste
  • Add solutions that use materials prudently, control environment regulated substances, and maintain air quality to promote sustainability
  • Analyze print volumes and workflows via remote monitoring and management to align the capacity of the organization with the actual print volume
  • Track output activity across their organization so they only pay for the actual page count, thus helping them save on monthly charges
  • These are just some of the ways that Managed Print Services can help NPOs make the most of their funds while continuing to fulfill their mission.

ROA, in partnership with Xerox, is dedicated to providing NPOs with the right printer for their specific printing requirements. Talk to our experts today to know which options are best suited for your office environment.

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