A Greener Workplace: Sustainability in Real Estate Document Systems

Keeping the workplace green is an important aspect to many businesses. In fact, it is reportedly among the top three key considerations for about 50% of CEOs in the country, with 13% citing it as the number one priority for their business model. If you are in the real estate industry, you know that document management is inevitable. So if you hold sustainability in the same high regard, switching to a better way to sort, process, store, and manage your documents is a must.

There are various ways that a sustainable real estate document system can directly impact your green workplace initiatives. Keeping your paperwork digitized and paperless helps reduce about 64% of energy used to make paper, as well as 63% of waste created from using paper. Making one ton of paper requires 24 trees and 11,134 kWh, or the same amount of energy that can power an average household for 10 months. Additionally, one ton of paper or 200,000 sheets creates more than 2,000 pounds of solid waste — when it can just as easily be stored in a single 16GB flash drive.

ROA’s digital-centric approach to document management for the real estate industry spotlights a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) model that enables better collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in your workplace while also accommodating optimal sustainability. Our suite of products is designed to boost your field, administrative, and management functions by:

  • Streamlining your document management system
  • Enhancing cost savings and efficiency; and
  • Reducing your carbon footprint

Our MAxxVault Enterprise Document Management system, for instance, allows:

  • A simpler way of reviewing, tracking, and managing documents
  • Better quality control through workflow tracking and overview
  • More efficient content approval and publishing; and
  • Fortified protection against data loss and other emergencies

Rabbit Office Automation partners with Xerox to bring you its all-in-one power and performance color laser multifunction printers. Creating a greener workplace is easy when you an scan originals and distribute them electronically via the MFPs multiple scan-to options, save on hassles and transmission costs by using paperless faxing to send documents via email, and cut paper usage in half with its duplex printing feature.

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